Home is Where My Stuff Is

So I have some pretty exciting news.  For once.  I don’t just have to talk about socks anymore.  Not that I couldn’t, mind you.

Yesterday Mr. W and I went to the bank and got pre-qualified for a home mortgage.  We needed to do this before setting up an appointment with our realtor.  We have been wanting our own home for a while, but I hadn’t mentioned anything on here before because it would be embarrassing to be all like, “WE ARE GONNA GET OUR OWN HOUSE, YOU CRAZY MO-FOS!” and then a week later be all, “Aww shucks, we didn’t get approved.”

But we *did* get approved with a 4% interest rate, so suck it.  I don’t know who I am telling to suck it, but it felt like the appropriate close to that sentence.  The haters can suck it, I suppose.  Hey haters, nobody likes you.

In other news, I recently got a copy of Just Dance 3 for the Wii.  I look like a complete moron (no, I am not uploading video) but am having a damn fun time with it.  It’s a nice little workout as well.  I figure if I combine it with Wii Fit I should be set.

Also, I just got an invitation to join Pinterest.  Can someone explain to me why I need this? (I am asking seriously, not rhetorically.)  I do not understand its purpose.

6 thoughts on “Home is Where My Stuff Is

  1. I don’t get pinterest either. All it is is a place where people “pin” things they find interesting.

    Just like Facebook… and Twitter… and Google+ (R.I.P.)… and… and…

    It’s just more focused info, so if you wanna see cool recipes, you look up the recipes. If you wanna see cool knitting patterns for socks, you look that up.

    It’s essentially a social form of Google where you can see what your friends find interesting.

    Oh, and I’m displeased you didn’t properly cite your post title. I believe you aren’t the one that originally said that, and the hilarious person that DID say it should be given credit…

  2. Oh, and silly me: CONGRATULATIONS on getting the ball rolling on a search for a house! I am very jealous. 🙁 I want a house so badly.

  3. Pinterest….you don’t need it but it’s a fun way o collect ideas.

    Basically, you create pinboards of anything that might interest you….recipes,decor, books, style, etc. Then you go through and find things to pin to those boards that you like. IE you create a home decor board and then look at other things people like for home decor and when you find something you like, you pin it to that board. You can also search through and see what your friends are liking. Hope that makes sense!

    Sorry for any typos…I’m on my phone. 🙂

  4. OH I just don’t remember Teri. Too long ago. And we’re just both so damn funny, it could have come from either of us, really.

    But I thought it was me. (I assume all the really funny ones came from me…) lol

  5. For the record, G+ isn’t dead to those people who enjoy the Local Feeds section. Though it is depressing that more people didn’t migrate away from Breaksbook, I can honestly understand why. It’s the same reason people think voice command technology is an innovation simply because it makes smartass remarks based on semi-preprogramed responses. In reality, it’s lack of a great number of inovations makes it the same device most users bought the first time. We are a society which fears excessive change, myself included. It’s sad because I have seen a lot of great technology go unloved, but that is the way of society and humankind.

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