11:00 PM – Arrive at work.
12:00 AM – Take 2 Aleve.
12:30 AM – Take one more.

Kill me, kill me, kill me.

As I walked to work tonight, I thought briefly about what would happen if, instead of turning right into my hotel, I just kept walking straight.  Well, technically I’d fall into the lake, but you know what I mean.  I should have kept going.

6 thoughts on “Hindsight

      • you know how since we’ve been living together, it seems like we’ve both been rubbing off on each other? we’re kind of switching places. perhaps now you’re starting to take after me — i don’t really talk about what’s going on in my life.

        maybe you’ve just realized how cool i am and you wanna be like me.

        • how have we been rubbing off on each other? i have noticed that we’ll balance each other out. i’m optimistic when you’re pessimistic, and vice versa.

          and you’re right–i totally wanna be like you. it’s cause you’re so cool. hmm, and you always smell so nice.

    • Just had a couple of bad guests right off the bat. And right as I got to work I was informed of a mistake I had made the previous night. People yelling at me always gives me a headache.

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