Happy Friday

So I did the dishes last night.  Take that.  And I cleaned a little and started packing up Tim’s DVDs.  Oh yes, I am on fire.  Today I’m going to paint my bathroom and hopefully start on painting my bedroom, while finishing packing Tim’s movie collection.  Paige is coming over tonight, and I’m sure I will rope her into doing a thing or two.

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with the whole moving thing lately, but taking actionary steps really helps to settle my nerves.  I must remember that.  I also feel fortunate, just in life-in-general.  Of course, there is a thing or two I’d change if it were within my power, but I feel like I’m making the most of what I have.  And that’s not so bad.

I was listening to BBC News today and heard about a man who, instead of helping a dying woman on the street, peed on her.  Needless to say, it made me sad.  And on a lighter note (that was a really bad pun that you’ll get in a second) I read about a 900-lb man that needed cut from his house in order to receive medical attention.  I’ll admit that I watched the video clip hoping to get a glimpse of the guy.  I’m a horrible person.  (But not as bad as that peeing guy.)  My mind can’t even fathom 900 pounds of person.

6 thoughts on “Happy Friday

  1. just for everyone’s information: i did not, nor would i ever, ask teri to pack my entire dvd collection for me. she volunteered because she said that remaining active was helping her not freak out about moving.

    so there. 🙂

  2. Oh and by the way, Teri, I just want you to know that of the few people that I get on my friends list, you are by far the most interesting blogger.

    Three cheers for CommenTERI!


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