So a couple weeks and a couple dates later, the seemingly nice guy turns out to be even more so.  I know people have been curious so here you go:  We’re still dating.  It’s going well.  (I am, as always, a plethora of information.)

I have a vast array of pictures from the Coldplay concert that I need to crop and whatnot before I can slap them up here.  I keep meaning to do this but seemingly nice guys (SNG) and the brand new Xbox 360 I have finally broke down and purchased have been getting in my way.  My apologies.  Perhaps over the weekend?

I’m having Tim, Tim’s boyfriend, Paige, Liz, and possibly Marty and the SNG over for a homemade lasagna dinner and Guitar Hero/Rock Band fun.  Pasta and Guitar Hero… it really doesn’t get much better than that.  At least, not without some sort of monetary addition.

More later.  I promise.

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