Gurus and Gaming

When I first got engaged I had all these plans to become some sort of money-saving, wedding-planning guru blogger and post various tips and tricks to save funds. However, becoming a guru of anything takes time. A lot of time. More time than I have, really. At most, I would consider myself a novice. Best tip I can offer for any potential planners [hell, any kind of shopper, because you can get anything there] is Etsy. I’ve purchased the wedding rings, my veil, the bridal party gifts, guestbook, silk bouquets, and a bitchin’ scarf there. Good stuff.

Another site I recommend, though it won’t save you a penny but, instead, give you an enormous amount of good cheer, is Cake Wrecks. Be warned, that site has the potential to make you pee your pants with glee.

Gaming News: I got rid of WoW. Like, “gave away all belongings, deleted my characters, canceled my account” got rid of it. Feels good. I hated the idea of wasting more time and money on the game.

Instead, I purchased Dragon Age for PC and, boy oh boy, is that game fun. I’m only like an hour into it [just met Alistair at the camp], but am really enjoying it. I made a female city elf rogue.

I am also playing DnD again on Saturday nights with my fiance and a group of his friends. Technically, we’re playing Pathfinder [basically 3.5], which is what DnD should have been instead of going with the mega-crappy 4.0 system. The guys I play with are all pretty funny, and it’s generally a good time had by all.

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  1. Sigh. You're the 274th person to recommend Dragon Age. One more, and I'm going to have to give up my dreams of a Droid and buy Dragon Age instead.


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