Guestbooks & Graduation

Being the minimalist that I am, the idea of anything just sitting around being unused and collecting dust is pretty appalling. I throw away [or give away] items that fit that description, because clearly I have no real use for them. A wedding guestbook fits this description. Sure it’s great the day of the wedding to have a cute little record of your guests, along with a word or two of congratulations or encouragement, but how often are you going to look at that, really? A week later you will put it away and never give it a second thought until something bad happens, like you get divorced or your spouse dies, and then you pull the thing out of storage and pour over it while sobbing, drinking cheap wine, and listening to easy-listening music. [At least, that’s how they do it in the movies.]

Then I saw this! It’s a freaking great idea. It fits perfectly with my wedding theme [which is autumn] and I can frame it and display it in the house. Instead of having two shades of green, I bought little stamps that are more red and gold so my tree will be autumnized! Very cute. Very cheap, too. Autuminzed is not a word, but totally should be.

Let’s see… in other news…I filed my petition to graduate! I have three classes left to complete and will be done forever and ever on August 21 [not that I’m counting the days or anything]. It will feel so great to have my evenings back instead of writing all those redundant reports. I also promised myself to get back into my fiction writing once school is finished. I have some fun ideas that have just been sitting around on the back burner of my brain for over a year now.

Currently Reading: Midnight in Madrid by Noel Hynd; As God Commands by Niccolo Ammaniti
Currently Watching: Lost season 6; Glee season 2 [Sue Sylvester, I <3 you]; Weeds season 5; Veronica Mars season 1
Excited About: Stephanie is visiting this weekend. We will eat cheesecake and discuss wedding details and put together my thank you cards! Yay for the occasional girly day!

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  1. We're still on season one of Glee. There was just a mid-season hiatus. 🙂

    This is the second half of season one.

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