My brain hated me today, making me wide awake at 4:30 when I had set my alarm for 6:30.  Stupid brain.  This means 2 things:
1.) I’ll bring drinking my weight in caffeinated beverages throughout the day
2.) I’m grumpy
And I’m annoyed at my pants for reasons I can’t entirely put into words.  It’s their whole existence really.  I want to smite them from the earth.  Alas, while being pants-less might ease my annoyance, it is in violation of my workplace dress code.
In nonpants-related news, Radiohead is sponsoring a contest to animate a music video to one of their songs off of the “In Rainbows” album.  Seeing as Paige and I had started a similiar project with the first Franz Ferdinand, we were pretty excited to try this one. Storyboards are due by the end of the month–I’ll post periodic updates on our progress.

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