My vacation-induced, wacked-out sleep schedule still hasn’t quite recovered, and I ended up sleeping from about 9:30am to noon today.  Whenever I am faced with a bout of insomnia I always get these weird urges to clean.  I cleaned my entire bathroom, took out the trash, vacuumed my carpet, swept the living room and kitchen floor, and did the dishes.  Then I decided to clean out the refrigerator.

The first half of Operation: Disgusting Fridge was spent throwing away expired food items, of which there were many.  I was actually throwing away jars of “stuff” that expired back in 2004.  Some of the things in that refrigerator have lived in this apartment longer than I have–that’s frightening.  Then I opened the bottom right food bin.

Now I have to take full responsibility for this food bin’s contents.  I’ve made peace with myself and have been able to move on since the encounter, but henceforth will be forever changed.  Inside this bin was a bag of purple grapes that I had purchased last August.  Yes, in case you’re counting, that’s nine months ago.  They were so rotten that they had actually begun to liquify inside the bag, which, thank God, was water-proof.

Never again will I use those food bins–I’m much too “out of sight, out of mind.”  There’s nothing quite like asking yourself, “My God, what is that?!” and realize that it, whatever it is, is your fault.

3 thoughts on “Grossness

  1. I've also known the dangers of the fruit and vegetable bins. I think, when I finally have my own place, things will be lined up on the very edge of the shelve. I'll only need a fridge that's about 6 inches deep.

    • Now that's not a bad idea.
      Tim also suggested making little signs on the food items and update them according to when the food expires. While it'd be funny to see "Eat me! Good for one more month!" on a bottle of Ranch dressing, that would just be too much work.

    • I keep beer in my crisper drawers. Doesn't spoil, and then the veggies and fruit are always in plain sight.
      Not that I don't still let them spoil. It's just that I can SEE the spoilage.

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