Government to Tax Bracks

So I was reading an article on CNN and got to the bottom of the page where they list reader’s comments.  Usually I do not let myself read other people’s comments because they are ordinarily devoid of substance, but this time I was weak.  I soon spotted a comment in which someone included the phrase, “get down to bracks tax,” in their rant of whatever-the-hell it was.

I never really thought of it as such before, but clearly this variety of ignorance is one of my pet peeves.  I was incredibly annoyed.  I don’t claim to be a grammatical superpower (’cause Lord know my comma usage alone would make any English teacher cry) but I would love to sit this reader down and say, “Please, do tell me what a ‘bracks tax’ is.”

[And, to spare anyone awkward questions, the correct usage of the phrase is, “get down to brass tacks.”]

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