Good Mornin’

I’m still adjusting to this “sleeping at night” business, but I know the transition will be easier then when I had to switch to sleeping during the day.  I went to bed last night around 11:30 and woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning at 5:30, a full hour and a half before I had set my alarm.  Coffee will definitely be in order later in the day.

I stayed up all day Saturday, looked at apartments with Reid, and went out to dinner and a movie with Cynthia.  Note: Halloween is horrible in the scary movie sense, but great in the comedic movie sense.  If you’re looking for a fun evening filled with laughter – go and see it.

Tim and I finally signed on an apartment Sunday.  (Did I mention we decided not to go with that other one I posted pictures of?  It was too out of the way for us.)  This apartment is pretty much in the middle of everything in a fun area, and, while it’s kitchen will not be nearly as impactful on Mary’s sex drive, it’s a cute place.  We move at the end of the month and I’ll get some pictures as soon as we’re settled in.

Reid: “Welcome to daytime, Teri.  You’re going to like it here.”  I love Reid.  He’s still living with us–but is moving to NYC at the end of the month.  He says he’ll just be gone three months (he’s Stage Managing an Off-Broadway show) and will come back to Chicago, but I’ll really miss him.  Don’t even get me started on Josh and Cynthia moving to San Diego at the end of the month.  I don’t want to think about it.  Bah.

All right; time to get ready for my first day at work.

2 thoughts on “Good Mornin’

  1. No kitchen will fully make up for the inconvenience of living in an out of the way place. Besides, I pretty much want to make love to everything right now. If I were high on Ecstasy, I think I would have the same desires but be blissfully unaware that I am unable to acheive them.

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