Going to Couchtown

I was trying to decide what game to play, either Skyrim or Fallout: New Vegas…

Brother: “Play Skyrim.”
Me: “But I like all the cheats for New Vegas.”
Brother: “Skyrim has cheats.  There’s god mode, you can spawn dragons…” [he continues naming all these other cheats] Me: [interrupting] “You had me at god mode.”

So Skyrim it is!

I am trying out some new desktop blogging software, called WebStory.  I am testing it out mainly because I recently updated to the latest WordPress and now for some reason only have a text editor on blog posts, no visual editor.  That doesn’t work for me, because sometimes I just need to bold things, damnit.  I refuse to blog in a world where I can only italicize with html code.  So we’ll see what happens after I post this.  Perhaps it will work fine.  Perhaps my blog will blow up.  Perhaps my blog will blow up anyway because it will be so shocked at the fact that there is new content.  Anything is possible.

Today is the start of my week of vacation!  I am very excited about having a whole week off.  Did you know that some people will give you weird looks when they find out you are taking a vacation and not going anywhere?  IT’S A VACATION FROM LIFE, PEOPLE.  Stop looking at me like that.

Them: “Where are you going?”
Me: “No where.”
Them: “Oh. Well that’s nice too, I guess.”

Damn right, it’s nice.  Don’t have to deal with you every day. FOR A WHOLE WEEK.

But I guess I am technically going somewhere this week.  On Wednesday Mr. W and I are taking our nephew and his oldest daughter to the zoo.  Hopefully it doesn’t rain.  It’s been raining a lot lately, so we might need to form a backup plan.  It should be a detailed and elaborate backup plan, taking hours to fully conceive, thus ensuring we will never have need of it.

To add even more excitement to an already exciting week, I am getting a new phone on Monday!  Have you noticed that phone companies make you sign 2-year contracts, but then provide you with a phone that craps out at about a year-and-a-half?  This phone has been nothing but problems the last few months, and I can’t wait to replace it.  Plus anytime I get to geek out over a piece of new technology I get happy.  I think I am finally going to say good-bye to a physical keyboard and get an HTC One.

Also, you might try to comment on this post and realize you can’t find the link to do so.  Don’t worry, it’s not just you.  No more comments.  Because I just don’t care about what you have to say anymore.  Just kidding.  I care about what you have to say, you just never say it.  And seeing so many posts without comments doesn’t really inspire me to write another one.  So this website is now my rambly public journal where I can pretend that thousands of people are reading it and wishing they could comment, if only I would bring that little comment link back. (I will also avoid looking at my site stats, in order to fuel this delusion.)

My brother just came over to check on my progress with Skyrim…
Me: “Hey look! I’m writing a blog post.  I put our Skryim conversation in there.”
Brother: “Have you started playing it?”
Me: “No, I’ve been blogging.”
Brother: “You’re terrible at this game, Teri.”