Give it Up, Lady

Hillary Clinton has always driven–and continues to drive–me crazy.  The only consistent thing about her is that she will always say or do whatever she feels will get her ahead in a given situation.  Is that what we want in a leader?

She has spent the past few months railing against Obama’s experience, saying that she possesses the valuable government experience that Obama lacks.  And then goes on The Early Show and says she’s open to the possibility of making Obama her veep on the democratic party ticket.  Hillary, why would you want someone, whom you’ve claimed is grossly unqualified, as your running mate–and one seat away from the Oval Office?

She votes to go to war when “everyone else” (but not Obama) wanted to go to war and opposes the war (as Obama still does) now that “everyone” opposes it as well.

And though she claims that Texas and Ohio have put her back on track to winning the Democratic nomination, it ain’t happening.  She could carry every state in the remaining primary elections and still be trailing Obama in delegate votes.  She needs to do the Democratic party a favor and give it a rest.
This doesn’t even scratch the surface on the deplorability that is Hillary Clinton, but things I really needed to get off my chest.
Oh, and in Bush news–did anyone hear that 2 cities in Vermont voted to arrest Bush/Cheney on sight for crimes committed against the US and constitutional violations, should either individual set foot in their city?  I have two, and only two questions: 1.)  We can do that? and 2.) Why isn’t everyone?

12 thoughts on “Give it Up, Lady

  1. OMG that's awesome!
    My thoughts exactly, why isn't this more often the course of action???
    I'll tell you why – because government… ALL GOVERNMENT (anywhere) is completley and utterly corrupt.
    Sad. And nothing gets done that isn't in the interest of "investors".

  2. I disagree with you about Hilary. I hope she wins the nomination. You've already heard my thoughts, so I don't need to post them here.

      • Obama is a preacher not a leader. His events are monologues where he gives his rousing stock-speech with about 50 mentions of hope, and change, unity and a new tomorrow: without any real analysis of just what this new tomorrow will be, and how he will get America there. On the other hand, Clinton, for all her flaws, takes time to answer questions, and has a meticulous knowledge of what she will do, how she will do it and why she will do it. Listening to Obama, you cannot help but be inspired. Listening to Clinton, you cannot help but be a little intimidated by her grasp of nearly every issue thrown at her.
        I think one could argue, as Clinton has done, that Obama is selling a myth or a fairytale. The idea that change is possible if one hopes and if the American people want it enough. It's almost the Disney version of politics. If you believe in your dreams strongly enough and want something enough, they will come true in the end. Clinton knows better. She has the scars to prove it. She has seen how Power functions in the United States and she knows that wishing isn't enough or hope or change. The only thing that power respects and fears is power, not votes or elections. When Clinton talks about experience this is what she means. Obama apparently doesn't understand how the American political system works, or he acts and speaks as if he doesn't understand. He is an idealist, and idealism is foolish.

  3. I can't stand any of em. All of em just talk about who's going to spend the money they don't have the fastest. No one talks about fiscal responsibility.
    This is why I stay away from politics.

  4. Not a fan of either of them. Obama preaches lovely things, but his voting records say what he really means: And I'm working on gathering information on that. But my Ambien just kicked in and I can barely read or type. Screen is all… swimmy. SoI need to go to bed.
    Suffice it to say that it's looking like neither of them will have quite enough delegates. It would be so interesting if it goes back to the Super Delegates. How weird would that be?

    • It's funny because the little girl in that is now 18…and an Obama supporter. There was talk about her doing something with him, but I don't know if they will.
      Mary, do I know your thoughts on Clinton vs. Obama? I'd sure like to!

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