The Ghost Post

Amazon App store has a free app a day [an app that would normally cost money, it’s not free all the time] and yesterday’s was something called Ghost Radar.  Supposedly it uses frequencies and whatnot to detect ghosts in your immediate area.  It also detects words “spoken by the ghosts” and says them on your phone.  Also the reviews for the app were hilarious joke reviews. I recommend reading them if you get a chance.  Funny stuff.

Of course I had to get it.

I turned it on during our board game night at the store and it picked up quite a few words.  There is also a radar screen that shows where it senses a presence.  At one point, a “presence” was detected directly on top of the phone.  Mr. W said, “Hey there’s a ghost sitting directly on top of the phone.”  The phone immediately spoke a word, “Partly.”

I used it to find out if the ghost in my guest bedroom, who also occasionally uses my bathroom, would have anything to say to me.  This is what I got:

change, record, behavior, flag, fish

None of it really made any sense nor explained why the ghost was using my shower.  Unless he thought he could catch a fish that way.  Perhaps you, lovely reader, can help me piece together this macabre puzzle from the beyond?

Once I got back to my bedroom to type out this blog post on my computer, I turned the app back on to get the list of words and it immediately started speaking to me.  I got:

therefore, fly, ill, becoming, hadn’t, clothing, young, bill, still

Me: “You like to rhyme apparently.  Ill, bill, still…” I then started saying all these words that also rhymed.

Phone: “Driver.”

Me: “Well, that doesn’t rhyme at all.”

Phone: “Paris.”

I think he is trying to spite me.

What do you think?