Getting Screwed and Potato Salad

Tell me if this makes sense to you:
I have student loans for school. These are federal loans and either will generate interest when I’m done with school or are already generating interest, depending on type. My company reimburses me 80% of my educational costs and [after an initial $5,000 tax-free allotment per year] any reimbursement payments are taxed. So, basically, I am paying the federal government in order to repay them. I can’t help but feel screwed here.

In less the-government-is-screwing-me news, over the weekend I purchased Batman: Arkham Asylum and Guitar Hero 5, the latter of which I didn’t even know had come out already. I am behind the times! The clerk checking me out tried to sell me Rock Band: The Beatles and it was all I could do to keep from saying, “Puh-lease. Go peddle your crazy someplace else.” Rock Band is simply an inferior product. If you prefer it to Guitar Hero I won’t hold it against you, though. Okay, that’s a lie. I will hold it against you. You and your substandard decision-making skills.

Currently Reading: Strangers in Paradise, vol 2.
Excited About: getting my indoor countertop grill. I am having an End of Summer Cookout Extravaganza on Saturday with turkey hotdogs, whole wheat buns, and apple pie! I’m not sure where the “extravaganza” part comes in–maybe with the potato salad.

6 thoughts on “Getting Screwed and Potato Salad

  1. Extravaganza = Potato Salad and Pie

    If you ever go to anything claiming to be such and it does not contain these two items. Complain profusely and then flip a table. Table flipping is the customary response to a lack of Potato Salad and/or Pie at an Extravaganza and everyone will respect your actions.

  2. John and I recently cooked steak on our George Foreman grill, and it worked great. You can do anything on it that you can do on an outdoor grill, except get your food to taste like smoke. I wish I could come to your extravaganza. πŸ™

    Reading about you and the bf playing cards with Tim and Steph made me sad because I wish I was there.

    I kind of prefer Rock Band to Guitar Hero and am considering buying Rock Band and one guitar so I can just play it like Guitar Hero. Maybe I am missing something here, but the online song catalog for Guitar Hero seems pathetic. And Rock Band's upcoming Rock Band Network sounds awesome:

    Granted, I am no expert like you…

    • You are right that Rock Band has better set lists. That is the one area where it far surpasses Guitar Hero. Honestly, I just think GH is harder, and I want more of a challenge. RB is more socially oriented. I also prefer the visual effects of GH and its instruments are more intuitive. I heard that RB has worked on some of these problems, but I'm still not interested in playing it.

      But in all seriousness, find which one you prefer and play it. As long as you're having fun, it's all good.

    • This is some pretty damning evidence, Mr. Doane. Seeing Kurt Cobain singing "Shot Through the Heart" should be likened to public indecency.

      The end of the video has Kurt singing David Bowie's "Fame"… oh, the humanity.

  3. First off — I think people are missing the point of playing the games. playing Rock Band vs. playing Guitar Hero should have NOTHING to do with how avatars look on-screen. Because quite frankly, the only people watching the avatars are the ones NOT playing the game at the time.

    Rock Band is totally inferior. While there may be a wider selection of songs, performing these songs is quite possible with your eyes closed.

    Guitar Hero — ACTUALLY a challenge. And very rewarding when you complete the songs.

    If you're looking for actual GAMEPLAY CHALLENGE, then choose Guitar Hero. If you prefer lazily strumming through an easy version of a tune (while a lot of Rock Band's notes seems a bit inaccurate as well), then choose Rock Ban— actually no. Just go buy the band's CD and listen to the songs while you sit on the couch. Same experience.

    On to the extravaganza: perhaps it wasn't an extravaganza because you didn't invite anyone? And it was just the three of you? πŸ˜‰

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