G20 and the Olympics

After watching the hype building all morning on the news about how Chicago was “a favored city” for the 2016 Olympics and watching footage of people gathering at Daley Plaza for the big annoucement it was all I could do to not burst out laughing as Chicago was the first city to be eliminated from the voting.  The anti-climaticism of the moment was top-notch.  I didn’t want the Olympics here, personally, even though I very much doubt I will be a Chicagoan in 2016.

I’m always a day behind on my Daily Show, seeing as I listen to it at work via the Comedy Central website, but I saw this report on G20 protestors and found it too hilarious to not share.

Favorite quotes:
“The lady with the .45-calibur Jesus is right…”
“This is a hateful mob of ‘Oh my goodness, me!'”

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