Fun with Hair Dye

Trying to figure out things for my Halloween costume and I would like to have dyed hair for it in a fun color.  As I have to be at work two days later and would prefer to not have people look at me like I am insane, I am looking for temporary solutions.  Tonight I tried this:


In case you’re interested, the dye kinda reminds me of a crayon.  It’s in stick form and waxy. Goes on pretty easily, just rub it over your hair and it dries in a couple minutes.  Came right off my hands with soap and water.  It is supposed to wash out of hair in 3 washes, so I will keep an eye on it over the weekend. It’s been about an hour and a half since applied and it does stain my fingers a little if I run them through my hair.

Here is what I ended up with after two applications and brushing:




First picture is the red, orange, and yellow.  The yellow is pretty terrible.  Orange came out the best but red is not at all shabby.  Second picture is the purple, green, and blue.  For my Halloween costume I wanted to use the purple and blue, but I might need to shake things up since they don’t look as good.  Or maybe just put on a LOT of applications. I will probably keep that green around for fun.  Green is always fun.

Sorry, pillowcase, for everything I’m going to get on you tonight.



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