Fun Facts about Earwax

Last night Mr. W’s ear got clogged and he couldn’t hear out of it.  Of course this happened as we were getting ready for bed.  Neither of us had ever dealt with taking care of this sort of thing at home [I’ve had this happen once, both ears, and went to the doctor to clear it up.  Very weird sensation that was, I’m not going to lie.  Not to mention the disgusting results].  Fortunately the Internet did not let us down, and we headed out to Walgreens to purchase some hydrogen peroxide and a dropper so that we could irrigate his ear.

We went a couple rounds with the irrigation until finally he could hear clearly.  So hopefully that’s all right now.  But it got me thinking.  Why the heck do we have earwax?  It seems like its only purpose is to be gross.  So I asked Google, “Google, why do we have earwax?”  And Google told me.

Apparently its pretty helpful stuff.  In addition to being gross, it: lubricates/cleans the ear canal, keeps the ear canal from drying out, and contains antibiotics to help fight infections.  I also learned some Fun Facts!:
1.) In medieval times, ear wax was used to prepare pigments to illustrate illuminated manuscripts.
2.) Whales have an annual buildup of ear wax. The number of layers are counted to determine the whale’s age, after death.

Just imagine your job being to count the layers of earwax in a dead whale’s ear.  Gives you a whole new appreciation for your own employment.

In non-waxy news, I keep hearing praise for The Hunger Games.  So much so that I am forced to at least find out what the hell has gotten people so excited.  And since the Kindle version was only $5 I decided to download it and give it a go.  I’ll let you all know what I think once I have finished.

Has anyone ever heard of Legend of the Five Rings [L5R]?  It’s a d10-based RPG set during fuedal Japan.  We took a break from our regular Pathfinder campaign last Saturday and played this instead.  I just played a pre-gen character [since I had no idea what I was doing], but it seemed okay.  Of course, I may just have liked it because my character could kick some serious ass.  It is always nice when ass-kicking happens, but only when you are on the giving end of things.

2 thoughts on “Fun Facts about Earwax

  1. Dude. I blew thru the first and second. I can lend you the third on Kindle when I'm done. I bought the first one on the Nook (i have the app on my ipad) and then a colleague lent me the second book and I just bought the third. SOOOO GOOD.

  2. Yay Hunger Games! I got all three on my nook within the space of a day. Needed them. They are strangely good. I spent most of the reading time crying though, gotta say, especially during the first one.

    L5R isn't bad. Ever played XCrawl? Little known out of print RPG, kindof a D&D in a glitzy arena thing…it's fun to make chars for, and lots of fun to run.

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