Fun Dip

So I really wanted some Fun Dip.  Mr. W and I had tried a couple Chuck E Cheeses [cause we also wanted to play Skee Ball] but neither had Fun Dip.  I remembered there was another Chuck E Cheese about an hour away that I had been to once with some friends and they had Fun Dip there.  So we drove an hour into the suburbs all the for the express purpose of playing Skee Ball and acquiring Fun Dip with our ticket winnings.

Alas, that Chuck E Cheese had no Fun Dip either.  They did, however, have this:

Which I have dubbed the “Alien Booger Ball”. I think it is rather apt. It’s a lot of fun to throw around with your roommates while simultaneously driving your cats insane. Double win.

Later that night, some friends of Mr. W’s came over. Once they heard the plight of Fun Dip unobtained, one helpfully supplied, “They sell Fun Dip at Walgreens!” There was one only a block or two over so we all strolled over to purchase said product.

Walgreens does not sell Fun Dip.

Fortunately, Meijer does. Mr. W bought me enough to last quite a while.

[And this was taken after I had given one to Mr. W, Tim, Paige, and eaten one myself.] That’s a helluva lot of Fun Dip. I may never want it again after this.

But I doubt it.

2 thoughts on “Fun Dip

  1. Funny, I came across this post while trying to figure out where to find Fun Dip in Chicago. I got some at an arcade in the Dells recently and now I am craving more!

    I might have to venture out to the suburbs to try Meijers. So far all the drug stores and convenience stores have been a bust. My next idea is to try the card and party type stores…

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