Full Day

Today I…

…bought a copy of The Catcher in the Rye.
…applied clay face masks with my two roomies and Tim’s BF.
…got one step closer to pore perfection.
…finished season 3 of Veronica Mars.
…was on the winning Guesstures team.
…was on the losing Peanuts team.
…went on a one-minute hunger strike protesting oppression in Africa.
…forgot to call Stephanie.
…decided to do the daily things from the book, “This Book Will Change Your Life” [which is where the hunger strike thing came from].
…went to Old Navy and didn’t purchase anything.
…missed working at the hotel with all my boys.
…went to the hotel to visit the above.
…was disheartened that none of them were working.
…stayed up ’til 4 am, posted this, and went to bed.

On an unrelated note, make sure to check out the Song of the Day:

I love the line: “you snooze, you lose. well I snost and lost”

What do you think?