Four Drunk Scots

So four drunken Scotsmen came to the desk in the wee hours of the night (no this isn’t a joke) and asked, “Have you seen a tall man with dark hair and a nipple on his head?”  We very quickly found out that in Scotland, they refer to a “condom” as a “nipple”.

The story, told by these drunk guys, is they were throwing a bachelor party for their friend (the tall, dark haired condom wearer) and they lost him.  Somewhere between the last strip club and the hotel he is no where to be found and, again in their words, “very drunk.”

They are very concerned because the wedding is in the morning and the bride will kill them if the groom doesn’t show up.  Which is quite understandable.

They finally decide that the only thing they can do it go upstairs and go to bed.  However, they did leave us with some parting words of wisdom: “Remember, if you’re having a party for someone, don’t put a condom on their head ’cause they’ll run right off.”

Hands down the funniest thing I’d heard all night.

Paige and I are going to a Keane concert on Sept. 7th!!  I am very excited.  Just thought I’d throw that little bit of information out there.

4 thoughts on “Four Drunk Scots

  1. you have to go back through all your previous posts up to when you started working at the hotel, and copy and paste all your funny/scary/weird hotel guest stories into a separate word file to start compiling a book. seriously. next time you have a few free hours, do it! (or you can pay me to do it)

  2. nipples

    interesting. it must depend on what area of Scotland they’re from, cause my husband calls condoms, “condoms.” lol

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