For Warren

Warren wanted me to post about an average day at my new job.  While I’ve yet to have one, I’ll tell what it should be like.  How’s that?

I work on a team with five other people.  All of us are basically responsible for updating and maintaining the database used by the rest of the company.  We’ve divided up the companies and each person is responsible for certain ones.  We have also divided the sales staff and answer their questions or help them retrieve data from the system.  And then we have miscellaneous projects like going through returned mail and tracking down correct addresses.  So that’s what I do.  It’s tedious and organized and I love it.  Who knew?

And I can listen to music.  I signed up for the paid Yahoo! Launchcast.  I adore Launchcast, I have to say.  It’s a great source for both my favorite and new music.  Except for the one time a country song snuck it’s way in there.  I did not authorize that and punished Yahoo severely.

I love fall, but do not love the crazy hot-one-day-super-cold-the-next we’ve got going on.  I’ve been sick all weekend.  Fortunately, I was able to load up on both Dayquil and extra soft tissues.

Oh, and another spot of good news: Tim and I won’t have to hire movers.  For a while we thought we would, because there didn’t seem to be anyone to help us, but through a couple twists of luck we should have enough people.  ::crosses fingers::  So that will save some money.  I just want this move to be over with–I don’t do well with in between stages.

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