Food and Maintanence

Sometimes eating healthier can be a real pain.  Especially when you randomly eat a chili dog for dinner and your stomach freaks out because it isn’t used to the grease or lack of vegetables or whatever it is and decides to hurt for the rest of the evening.  Not that I did that.  Just saying.  Hypothetically.

Speaking of food, I am amused by how my introverted tendencies can influence what I eat for lunch.  On Friday I could not decide what I wanted to eat.  Nothing sounded good.  One co-worker invited me to Subway with her, but it didn’t sound appealing.  Others invited me to Beggar’s Pizza but, again, no thanks.

Finally I remembered that I could order on-line for a sandwich/salad place across the street.  Close-by *AND* I don’t have to interact with anyone when ordering?  I’ll take it!!  I ordered, waited the specified amount of time, and walked on over to pick it up.  All I had to say was, “Pick up for order 48” and “Thank you”.

Bless you, sandwich/salad place.  And bless you, Internet.

On an unrelated note, the Commenteri site will be going down for maintenance soon [time/money permitting].  I will give a heads up before that happens and it shouldn’t be down for too terribly long.  When I am finished, the site will be completely different.  But better.

I kept going back and forth on what to do with the blog, and I think I am keeping it for the most part.  Also having separate pages for fiction writing and book reviews.  I am also going to post works-in-progress in order to share and get feedback.  This goes against my perfectionistic nature and will be challenging, but I think it could also be helpful and motivational.

3 thoughts on “Food and Maintanence

  1. Yay! I'm going to be posting some in progress stuff over at vampirefeed…once I've got something worthy!

    I'm excited to read your stuff, love!

  2. HAHAHA totally know what that's like. The internet has made life for introverts SO much easier!

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