I think I have a fear of flying. Most of my flights consist of prayer and pondering over my own mortality. I’d consider that a fear.

I am constantly baffled by people. Take, for example, a woman (in a matching pink exercise suit, no less) I saw during my layover. She had gotten some food, a cheeseburger and fries to be exact. She must have been on some liberal form of the Atkins diet, for though she was chowing down on the french fries, she did not eat the hamburger bun. On top of the cheeseburger, she had a veritable mountain of mayonnaise. I’d wager the mayo-to-meat ratio was 2:1.

Now, I’m all for eating healthy. But I think this is a very black and white area. You can’t go to McDonald’s and order a Big Mac and a diet Coke and honestly expect to come out healthier. This would be folly. Either you’re eating healthy, or you’re eating a pile of mayonnaise. It’s not both.

3 thoughts on “Flying

  1. NOT eating isn't healthy either, missy!
    how bizarre you are.
    your initials are T-A-R.
    sometimes you don't make sense.
    and you no longer live with the 'rents.
    but all in all you're a neato roomie.
    despite your betraying nature. so sue me.
    flying is fun, you shouldn't be afraid.
    Just kiss your ass goodbye after you've prayed.
    and God will take care of you.
    McDonald's is good.
    and that didn't rhyme.

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