I think I am starting to become obsessed with oral hygiene, though I suppose there are worse things with which I could be obsessed.  Drugs, for example.  Or babies.

I have never been a big flosser.  It hurt.  I could never reach those stupid back teeth.  But before the wisdom tooth extraction I had a dental cleaning and they stressed [as these dental people always stress to me] the importance of flossing.  And I thought, “You know what.  I’m going to do it this time.  I WILL FLOSS!!”

Fortunately for me (and my big hands) technology has created dental flossers–a stick-like thing that has floss attached to it.

By golly, I love these little things.  Flossing is so easy now.  I highly recommend it.

I floss every day now.  It seemed the most practical to floss at night so all the gunk from the day can be removed, so that’s when I do it.  But today I came home from work and thought, “I’m feeling gunky.  I’m going to floss now!!”  And then as I was flossing, “But I will also have to floss again tonight, because I still need to eat dinner!”  All the exclamation marks are why I might be becoming obsessed.  I have also increased brushing my teeth from two times a day to three.  I don’t even know why.  It just felt like the right thing to do.

Next time I go in for a cleaning I expect fanfare and applause at the state of my immaculately flossed gums.  Someone, besides me, will ooo and ahhh.

6 thoughts on “Floss-mania

  1. I read on the internet (so it must be true) that you need to be careful how much you brush. Make sure to brush BEFORE meals, and not after. Because right after a meal, the enamel on your teeth is soft from teh acids you may have just consumed, and you can actually damage your teeth by scraping away enamel if you aren't careful.

  2. See, now that doesn't make any sense to me. The whole reason I am brushing that third time is because I've just had lunch and my mouth feels yucky. Morning and night brushing are not right after meals, so I'm okay there I suppose.

  3. I just chew lots of gum. I assume this makes up for my lack of flossing and my inability to brush my teeth more than twice a day.

    • Chad, I was chewing gum after lunch at work, but my teeth are still a little sore from the extraction so I started brushing instead. I will probably go back to gum chewing soon though.

      “They” say if you can’t brush to chew gum, so it must do something good. 🙂

  4. I have also recently become obsessed with flossing! I was never a flosser and then in my mid 20s I had 7 cavities (this was after not going to the dentist for years and then, “I have insurance now! To the dentist!”).

    They were little cavities, but still. NO FUN. They were all in between my teeth and due to not flossing. So now I floss. And no more cavities.

    So good for you.

  5. Cara, I have had quite a few cavities but not between my teeth, which is fortunate because I imagine the filling process is worse.

    Yay for being obsessed with flossing!

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