FIFA Madness and Taste Buds

It’s almost time for Teri to get super excited about soccer again! The 2010 World Cup in South Africa starts off this Friday, June 11th. [Notice: I’m about to link way more information than you’re probably interested in.] FIFA Website
TV Match Schedule
Make Your Own Bracket!

The 2014 games are in Brazil, but the United States has put in a bid to host either the 2018 or the 2022 games. [Warren: Phoenix is one of like 15 or 20 candidate cities as well so… get on that.] I would love for the Cup to be in the U.S., as that significantly increases my chances of being able to attend.

In wedding-related news, I contacted my youth pastor from junior high / high school and asked him to perform the ceremony. His response was an ethusiastic yes, so that’s just aces. I didn’t like the idea of someone who doesn’t know me doing the wedding, you know? Like when you go to a funeral and it’s obvious that the minister did not know the deceased? That annoys me.

And in music news, I’m probably not going to attend Lollapalooza this year. There are a handful of bands I would like to see [Spoon, New Pornographers, Cut Copy, The Strokes, and Lady Gaga mostly] but they are spread out all over the place making it not worth the $90/day ticket.

They say that your tastes [or tastebuds or whatever] are supposed to change as you age. From that link I also learned that fish can taste with their fins/tail just as well as their mouth. I don’t know what you can do with that bit of information, exactly, but there it is–a free gift from me to you.

But I digress. When I was a kid I had all these ideas of things that I hated. I am trying them again as an adult and am discovering that [whether due to changing taste buds or sheer idiocy] I was wrong. I like root beer now. That may be an understatement. I daresay I love root beer [A&W]. And creme soda. I hated those things as a kid. And ketchup is moderately tolerable in small quantities instead of being the Horrible Goo of Disgustington that I had formerly believed it to be.

I’ve never liked ginger ale, except in small doses in a Boston Cooler [like a root beer float, but with ginger ale instead of root beer].  Mr. W and I bought some ginger ale and vanilla ice cream to make them and I thought, “I bet I’ll like ginger ale now, too!” So I poured myself a glass of the stuff…

I still don’t like ginger ale.

What do you think?