Eyes, Part II

Well I am here to post, which can mean only one thing: I’m not out having emergency surgery.

I also just wanted to take a minute to say thanks for all the thoughts and comments. They really helped keep me from over-worrying. I love you guys.

My retina is fine. Apparently a small blood vessel in my eye pulled away, causing bleeding inside my eye. This sounds like an utterly horrible thing to me, but the doctor didn’t seem too concerned by it. The pulling away and bleeding was what caused the eye problems I was experiencing. The doctor said it should all be cleared up within another day or two. But he was slightly concerned because sometimes when this happens it can cause a tear in the retina, so I have another follow-up appointment with him in six weeks, so he can make sure everything calmed back down properly.

And now, seeing as it’s past 1pm and I’ve yet to sleep today I’m gonna go do that.

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