Area Woman Gets Engaged

As promised to many: more information on my engagement!

First of all, it was less of a surprise to me as it was to some of you; Mr. W and I had been discussing the prospect for a little while. Mainly he was waiting to ask because he wanted to get my father’s blessing (which happened over Thanksgiving weekend). I was surprised as to the when of it all, however.

My boss came over around 2:30 today (well, I guess it was technically yesterday by this point) and said everyone needed to come with her for a small meeting. She led us toward some small conference rooms but instead entered the reception area. As I entered I saw Mr. W there holding dark red roses and looking moderately terrified. He stood up and, in front of my co-workers and Paige, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. He said lots of nice things prior to this, but damned if I remember what any of them were. Something about loving me, making my face as red as the roses…it’s all a blur. I do remember saying yes, however.

Here’s the ring! (Mr. W is in the background playing Sims 3.)  The green stone is Peridot, my birthstone (plus it’s green and shiny!)  When I called my mom to tell her the news, I was describing the ring and…
Mr. W: “Instead of some elaborate proposal all I would have had to do is wave it in front of you… ‘Teri, it’s green and shiny!'”
Mom: [laughing] “Yep, that’s pretty much it.”


We’re planning on getting married on October 14th. It’s a Thursday which is MUCH cheaper than a weekend wedding. I’m all about saving money on this shindig. So to any married people out there, or people with a penchant for savings–I’m all ears to cost-cutting tips. We’ve also picked our location–a cottage in a park with a gazebo! It means a smaller reception, but that is also fine with me as I would prefer not to have some huge mammoth thing of a party [plus that’s expensive!].

I have also bought a dress. We originally went just to look but hey, it was on sale. Here’s a link!

That’s it for now. Exciting! I don’t think it’s all sunk in yet. I keep looking down at the ring and thinking, “Whoa… I’m going to get married!!” It’s a little surreal. But in a very awesome way.

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  1. I love the dress, it's so pretty! You're going to look awesome!


    Well, the thing we did that saved us the most money was having the reception in a little mountain restaurant which didn't know anything about "wedding pricing" and instead just charged us for the food. No room charge even, and we had an awesome dinner. We didn't have room for dancing, but then again we also saved money on a DJ…and instead played a collection of game and geeky movie music, which was fun. 🙂

    We also went with non-traditional flowers in kinda wild-like bouquets – cheaper and I thought prettier anyway. And I borrowed my shoes from my mom, which also made them my "something borrowed" and saved me a good hundred freaking bucks that they wanted to charge me.

    The one thing I regret going the cheap route on was the pictures. I figured photos are really all the same, but they're not – I think if I had to do it again I would spring for the fancy photographer.

    • Hey thanks for the tips!! Also for the note on wedding photography. It's a good thing for me to keep in mind–I'm trying to be as frugal as possible and might have ended up the same way.

      I'm not too worried about the shoes. I figure the dress is long and I want to be comfortable so I'll either wear something I already have or buy something cheap at payless or something. I don't care a whole lot.

      That is awesome that you saved so much on the reception. The caterer is probably going to end up being half my freakin' budget and it's still the cheapest I could find. Think we could just order a ton of pizza or something instead? 🙂

  2. What we did to save money:
    We encouraged people to, rather than give us gifts, contribute to the celebration. This got our reception pretty much taken care of (with finger foods too!), a DJ/Dance floor, and a church.
    I talked my dad into performing the ceremony, and he refused to take money from me. (that was his gift).
    We bought our dress on ebay…(yeah, yeah).
    I got a killer deal at the tux shop (we ended up with two tuxes free, and mine became free when they lost one of my shoes).
    The rehearsal dinner – we just ordered pizza for everybody, made it really low key.
    And we went with a friend from college for photography. She did a great job (Jen Rohr).


    As an aside, if you need a photographer, a guy I work with is a great photographer and has great rates. I can give you his number (or him yours) if you like.


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