It’s such a small thing, but I get really annoyed when someone pushes an already-lit elevator call button.  This morning I was waiting for the elevator [having pushed the button just the one time], when another man came up and pushed it also.  And not just once–he pushed it three or four times in quick succession.  I’ll be honest, I wanted to smack him.

He can only be doing this for one of two reasons:

1.) He is so impatient and/or stupid that he thinks the speed of the elevator is directly proportional to the amount of times the elevator button is hit.  If so, his barrage of button pushes would have jolted all current passengers as the elevator began its deathly plunge toward the lobby.

2.) He thinks I’m an idiot.  As if I don’t know the purpose of a call button and just wait there until an elevator randomly opens before I am able to get on.  It makes me want to say, “Well lookey there!  The BUTTON makes this here magical box work?!”

2 thoughts on “Elevators

  1. Thoughts
    One: I am SO jealous of you guys that you're going ghost hunting!!!! Have fun and tell me if you see anything. It's totally fine to watch Ghost Hunters, for inordinate amounts of time; I do! hehehehe…
    Two: I completely agree with you with the idiot elevator button pusher….Idiot. I wonder if they do it because they see it done in movies and on TV; the rushed business man pushing the elevator button over and over to illustrate his/her impatience. Do they ever stop to think, "Gee, the light is already lit on the button here…I think I'll just stand and wait for the elevator doors to open like a sane person."
    No? Well that really does say a lot about humans in general. HA!

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