Dreams of Shrimp

I’ve been having some incredibly weird dreams the past few nights. Case in point, I dreamed that I was living in a house with my mother and younger brother. I had three tables, an 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s table that I was stocking with books, CDs, and pamphlets of each time period. Apparently, my mother needed this done for some reason or other.

My cell phone rings and I look down at the caller ID to see it is my real-life roommate, Tim. I answer and Tim asks me if I want to come over. He said that he would pay me for my time. I reply, “Oh, a paying gig, huh?” As I am on the phone, I am looking out the window and notice a tornado touching down relatively close to our house. I tell Tim, “I have to go, there’s a tornado!” and hang up.

We watch the tornado get closer and closer and we realize it is heading straight for our house. We leave and run across the street to an apparently abandoned house. As we enter the other house, the tornado slams into our house and goes through it. The tornado then turns like it’s heading straight for us. It shrinks as it approaches until it’s about four inches tall. My mother then stomps on the baby tornado and puts it out. We go back to our house to survey the damage. I get out my cell phone to tell Tim I’ll be delayed, and I see the display screen is filled with marinara sauce. I try pushing buttons anyway and it starts beeping at me. I wake up to my cell phone alarm going off.

In my dream, the thing that bothered me was not the fact that there was marinara sauce in my cell phone, but that I didn’t have any shrimp to dip into it. And I don’t even eat shrimp. Of all things I could have wanted to dip into a cell phone full of marinara sauce, why did it have to be shrimp?

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    • Yeah, I have no idea what tags are. But I figure if everyone else is using them, I don't want to be left out of the loop.
      Basically it's like topics. I can tag several posts, "at work" and if you click on that, you can read everything I've tagged about work. Like I'm ever going to tag something else "marinara sauce". But I thought it would be funny. Maybe someday…

  1. Ha! Your tag is "baby "tornadoes". A crappy dream is definitely worth it when you get to use a tag like that.
    So… they reproduce, do they?
    I miss my Teri!

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