I had a dream that I was moving. Space was pretty limited where I was heading (don’t know where) and so I was throwing out a lot and leaving a bunch behind. The packing process took longer than I thought it would and, as a result, I missed my train out of town. I guess this wasn’t a huge problem, and I went to a bus station to take a bus instead.

The bus arrived, driven by one of my aunts. My mom was also on the bus, chatting with my aunt. The bus gets on an on ramp for the interstate, but can’t merge because there is a stagecoach blocking the lane. Yes, a real live horse-galloping, guy holding reins, stagecoach. And it won’t let the bus in. We are quickly speeding toward a cement divider and since we can’t get on the interstate, my aunt veers to the right to the offramp. She cheerfully says, “Well, it looks like we’re taking the back way!”

“The back way” is a windy road high in the air with no guardrails and no supports of any kind. (It’s kinda like rainbow road on Mario Kart, for anyone familiar (but without the rainbow).) It’s just this road, stuck up high in the sky. I’m a little worried, because I’m afraid of heights and also because my aunt is proving herself to be a very bad driver. She’s taking the many turns much too fast and I am picturing the bus careening off the edge of the road into empty space.

My aunt is aware of my fear and is playing with me. She keeps saying, “Uh-Oh, Teri!” (which, right there is odd, because my family calls me Teresa) while jerking the bus near the edge before pulling back. She does this right at a sharp turn and, sure enough, the bus sails off the road and begins plummeting to the water below–which, for some sadistic reason, is a mile below us.

We land and water starts filling the bus. Everyone is panicked and starts climbing out through the door or windows. I can’t swim, and so I am concerned. I leave my luggage behind and follow my mom and aunt. I discover that the water is only about 4 feet deep and safely make my way to shore. I decide that I should go back for my luggage, ’cause it’s all I have in the world, you know. I turn around in time to see the bus explode spontaneously. I think, “Yeah. That’s about right.”

Anyone care to interpret? What symbolism is there to be found in a self-absorbed stagecoach?

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