Dreaming My Dreams

Still having wedding dreams.  In the first, I dreamed that my wedding party was comprised of the people in my department at work–very strange.  Also, we were all walking down the hall toward the sanctuary and I enter to see people frantically setting up tables and chairs because apparently it had been forgotten.  I’m standing in the doorway waiting to walk down the aisle and realize there’s no music because I forgot to give my brother my iPod.  I run back to the dressing room and grab the iPod from my bag.  I find my brother, who is freaking out for some reason, and give him instructions on what to do.  He runs off to the bathroom to throw up and then comes back for the iPod.  I wake up.

In the second dream I am opening mail and see that one of my uncles has sent me $1200 as a combination birthday and wedding present.  I was disappointed when I woke up from that one, let me tell you.

In more dream news, I had a very disturbing dream last night.  I dreamed I worked for some city government office.  There were about 30 or so people that worked in this office and it got out that the head boss guy and some receptionist chick were having an affair.  And apparently because of this affair the citizens were screwed in some deal and were pretty pissed about it.  So pissed, in fact, that they started attacking the office trying to kill everyone that worked inside.  And they were really getting into it, like crashing cars at full speed into the building in an attempt to take workers out [the citizens were never harmed by this, however].  Eventually, only me, some random dude, the head boss, and the slutty chick were left alive. The slutty chick was killed and the head boss guy got really depressed and decided to kill himself by pushing his face into a running circular saw.  I am hiding under a table trying to plug my ears while the guy screams when I wake up.

First thought, “Seriously Brain, what the hell is wrong with you?”

Second thought is that the head boss guy is Stephen Tobolowsky.

Mr. W once commented on how I am in so many of his dreams and that he wants to be in more of mine.  He should probably rethink that.

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