Don’t Mess With Me

One thing I like about Andrea is she won’t let people mess with me.  Don’t get me wrong, I can take care of myself with hotel guests, but the second she hears someone giving me crap she is out there in their face giving them crap.  It always make me laugh (once the guest is gone, of course).

Tonight she said:  “Teri, I keep having these dreams that people are trying to mess with you and I kill them.”  Then she told me about how a guest reached over the counter to choke me and she ran at him with a pen and stuck it in his neck.

So I figure I’m pretty well protected–like a mob boss.  If Tim doesn’t get you, Andrea surely will.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Mess With Me

  1. Sorry I missed you last night Teri! We got to the party at like 11…..when I got home, Tim and Erin were still in jammies and I wanted to cheange too….so we left after 9 and stopped and ate at Bennigan's. Loves you!!
    And I'd totally whomp someone over ya….with verbal abuse. I could make it look really good when I'm PRETENDING to beat them up….

  2. LOL. It's nice to know that you have friends who will kill for you. Tim may bitch about giving me a ride to the metro but I know he will literally rip somebody's head off if I need him to.

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