Don’t Like It? Wait an Hour.

This morning I was nearly sweating as I commuted to work.  This afternoon/evening I needed my old lady sweater on the way home.  I went out with a co-worker to pick up lunch and the sudden drop in temperature was startling, even by Midwest standards.

On an unrelated-but-equally-startling note, we are pretty sure Mr. W is going to have to close his gaming/comic store in June.  We are both very sad about this, as it brings him a lot of joy.

There may be an opening in the marketing department at work.  I’m going to look into it, but it seems like the current employee is transferring to a different department because marketing is having a lot of problems, and that doesn’t inspire confidence.  Eh, we’ll see.  Just a thought I had. “Hey Teri, you have an MBA in Marketing…perhaps you should put that to use while you’re paying it off.” /shrug

Girls’ Weekend #4 is fast approaching, and I am pretty damn excited.  This year we are meeting up in Atlanta.  Going to the Zoo, the aquarium, an art museum, and the World of Coke [the bubbly beverage kind not the snorting kind, in case there was some confusion].  Gonna meet up with my old college roommate, Sarah, for some pampering time and fancy dinner.  I wish I didn’t have to fly there, however.  I am angered by the TSA’s new pornoscan or molestation travel policy, but it’s too far to drive.  Pornoscan it is!

In more stressing news, I found a lump in one of my breasts.  The earliest I could see the doctor was the 19th, but then they pushed it back to the 24th, so I will find out what’s going on then.  Been trying not to think about it, but that never works.  My mom told me to stop copying off of her.  She said in her first year of marriage to my dad he lost his job and she found a lump.  I did not know that I was copying them but have decided to stop forthwith.  [After all, it’s only a matter of time until she gets pregnant.]

So who here had amazing things happen in their first year of marriage?  Like of the winning-the-lottery or publishing-a-novel variety?  I will gladly start copying you instead.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Like It? Wait an Hour.

  1. Sorry, first year of marriage tends to have sucky things happen. It balances out the way-too-happy feelings so you don't gross other people out and they end up having to kill you. I worked at a terrible job with a 4-hour commute, for example.

    Can't wait to see you!! I was just at the World of Coke with Katia a few weeks ago. I think we were still building the aquarium last time you were here, it's very cool.

  2. 4-hour commute? What in the world? But yes, I am glad that people don't want to kill me. Any time that is the case is a good time.

    Can't wait to see you, either!

  3. So….can't you ask the TSA for a copy of your scan? You can present it to your doctor and said doctor can act immediately.

    The TSA isn't all bad after all.

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