Do You Tube?

I’ll admit it–I watch YouTube.  It all started a couple of months ago when Max Barry, a writer/blogger to whom I subscribe, mentioned the “Lonelygirl15” debacle.  I had no idea what he was talking about and so I followed his link.  YouTube.  Since then I’ve watched a number of vloggers, some boring as hell and some genuinely entertaining.  Two of the more entertaining ones are mentioned below, along with my encouragement to check them out.  I don’t believe you’ll be disappointed.

Ask a Ninja – This is a “show” (two to three minutes) where a guy dresses up as a ninja and answers user’s questions.  He is freakin’ hilarious.  The link will direct you to my favorite episode, entitled “Minjas” where someone asks if there are midget ninjas.

The Receptionist – A guy, Travis, is a very bored receptionist.  His videos are done at work, with no talking, and comprised entirely of what is at his disposal at the office–namely, construction paper.  His creativity and construction paper finesse could rival that of any kindergarten teacher. The link is to my favorite episode, “Let Me,” which shows various dating activities.  Once you get to his page, also make sure to check out “Creative Freedom” which takes an extremely close second.

And in non-YouTube related news…

OnlineGuy: hey check my profile and let me kno wht u thinkI knew what was coming.  I clicked on his profile and, sure enough, there was a nude photo of a certain area of his anatomy.  This was not the sort of person I care to chat with online.  I could have simply ignored him and be done with it.  I chose to respond.Me: is that you?  looks kinda small.

I figured this would dissuade any guy from having further contact with me.  However, it did not.  He continued talking about how, yes, he was a little smaller and wished he could be bigger.

Me: then why do you show off pictures of yourself on a public profile?
OnlineGuy: i guess i want to kno wht gurls think
Me: well, we think it’s small.
OnlineGuy: wht’s the biggest u had?

Andrea had been looking over my shoulder at the conversation, and at this point she jumped to the computer and, despite my protests, typed: “12in”.  And sent it.  This excited Tiny and he asked more questions.  Questions I will refrain from mentioning here.

Me: just kidding, dude.  i’m not into men.

Finally, he left me alone.  I was thoroughly amused.

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