Disaster!, the Musical

I’m normally a pretty graceful person. It’s rare to see me trip over my own feet, or drop/spill things. And just when I start to take pride in this, I do something stupid to hurt myself. This evening I smacked my hand against the side of my desk–and I’m talking a solid joining of wrist and wood. My hand has been increasing in soreness ever since, and I am currently losing the ability to perform some of your more important functions like typing, writing, or grabbing stuff. C’est la vie.

Saw Poseidon today. Good movie. I will always, always like a good disaster movie. I spent the majority of the film with my hand over my mouth (my reaction to tense situations) and Tim giggled (his reaction to tense situations. Also to extreme gore.) Go see it. You won’t be disappointed. Well, you might be, but then I’d bet good money there is something wrong with you.

After the movie Tim and I discussed our general liking for disaster movies. He commented on how the two types of movies he wants to make someday are musicals and disaster flicks. I suggested he get two birds with one stone and combine them into the new movie genre: Disaster Musicals, or what I like to call “Disasticals.”

We then walked through Virgin Music Store singing possible lines:
–“Oh, I just got bitten by a zooooombieeeeee / Soon I’ll eat off your nose, my looooooveleeeee… [Back up Chorus: He’s a zombie! La la la!]”
–“That tornado is coming right fooooooorrrrrr ussssss! Doo wah. Ohhhhhhhh… ohhhhhh… where is my dog?”

I hope those are still funny. Sing them to yourself, then they will be.

In other news: I need a million dollars. I could pay you back–I’m good for it.

5 thoughts on “Disaster!, the Musical

  1. I love "Disasticals!" That's funny. Of all the movies I feel I need to see, Poseidon is not one of them. After "The Core," my general affection for disaster movies waned, so much so that I have never seen The Day After Tomorrow nor do I intend to. I don't care how much Jake Gylenhall is in it. If there were songs though … you could convince me.

        • Well, it was!

          I’ve gotten to use the word “whack” twice today.

          The other time was in another context, though. As in, “That jerk needs to be whacked.”

      • No, I think I’m good with the whole South Park rip on The Day After Tomorrow (We didn’t listen!).

        The wolves thing? It sounds dumb but probably not as dumb as the whole “Uh-oh, there’s a cougar slightly near Kim!” thing in Season 2 of 24.

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