Destination Closed

I would like to meet the Amazon employee who decided to add Ensenda to their list of delivery companies.  I would use some kind of chemical [or magic] to sicken their kidneys and then ship a donor kidney to them via Ensenda, so that they could die waiting for their package.  [Check out Pissed Consumer for LOTS more anger and bitterness directed toward Ensenda by people who are not me. ]

I decided to get a little wrist rest pad for my mouse.  Found a good one on Amazon for $8 that qualified for Amazon Prime.  Excellent.  I decided to have it shipped to my work address, because sometimes I have trouble getting packages at home.  I have never had a single, solitary problem getting packages at work.

Enter Ensenda.

I was supposed to get my package last Thursday, the 16th.  When I didn’t, I tracked the package only to discover a delivery attempt was made at 4:30 but the “destination was closed”.  Some mere fluke, I thought.  I will get my package tomorrow!

Friday rolls around.  No package.  Again, when tracking I see another delivery attempted message at 3:30 with the same “destination closed” note.

Now, lest you think my office was closing early, I will let you all know that my office building is actually open [and staffed by security] 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  That this driver continues to say “destination closed” means that he is either lazy or a complete moron.

So I called Ensenda on Saturday morning.  I told them that this driver is either lazy or a complete moron and my building is open 24/7.  They “leave a note” and tell me the package is out for delivery today.  Hooray!

It was not out for delivery on Saturday.

Monday another attempt was made at 4pm and despite my “note” again the driver indicated “destination closed”.  I called again, pretty pissed off by this point.  They kept telling me they were leaving notes [for all the good it seemed to do] and that they would “personally follow up” with this case to make sure I would receive my package on Tuesday.

There was no delivery attempt made on Tuesday at all…according to their tracking, it never left the main shipping center.

Which brings me to today.  Almost a week since I should have received my package.  I called them again this morning… The driver now [theoretically] has my cell phone number and work phone number.  Tracking says my package is out for delivery.  I decided to work late and stay at my desk until one of three things happened:

1. I get my damn package
2. The tracking status changes from “out for delivery” to “delivery attempted: destination closed”
3. Six o’clock.  There’s no good reason to stay at work later than 6pm, package or no.

I am surprised to report that number 1 was the winner today.  At 5pm.  I also sent an angry email to Amazon letting them know that my choosing them for future purchases will be heavily swayed by this Ensenda experience.  They responded, though I am not sure that they read my email, for they announced they were sorry that I could not receive my package and have shipped another to me, free of charge.  So there’s that, I guess.

I never believed the day would come when I would prefer FedEx.  To actually long for the half-assery that is a FedEx delivery.  Thanks to Ensenda, that day is here.

What do you think?