Death by Dimetapp

I’ve added some new words to my vocabulary.  They include, but are not limited to: “gund,” “heavend,” and “Timb”.  So yeah, still have that cold.  First order of business after work isto run to Walgreens and buy some Dimetap.

Teri: “How do you spell Dimetapb?”
Paige: “D-Y-M-A-T-A-P.”
Teri: “There’s no Y ind Dimetapb.”
Paige: “Yes there is.  You’re sick, what do you know?”
Teri: “I’mb gonna google itd.”
[skims results, blows nose]
Teri: “Deadly Dimetappb Recipe?”

So I guess it’s Dimetapp.  And you can kill people with it, apparently.

What do you think?