Dayton Update

So I’m scanning the occupancy forecast for the hotel and it looks like the weekend of April 14th-16th is optimal for taking off. So, all you Dayton people (all two of you) pencil me in!

A disconcerting thing happened to me when I was sleeping the other night. I woke up with my foot tangled in my sheet. More specifically in a giant hole in my bottom sheet. Apparently I thrash around violently in my sleep, for there was no giant hole in my sheet when I got into bed. I tell you what, I’d never been so confused. “Where is my leg?!”

So now I need new sheets. I get paid on Friday…oh wait, that’s today! Huzzah! I will be going to Target to get said sheets. I also need moisturizer, a hand mirror, and paper towels. Not that you needed to know that but there it is regardless. I also would like to buy Pride & Prejudice. That was a really good movie. The kind that make me all moony.

This guy is talking on the radio and he keeps saying the word “handkerchief” only he keeps pronouncing it hanker-cheef. He’s saying it every other sentence and it’s really annoying me. It’s more annoying than that “oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh juicy” song. And I really hate that song.

And lastly, there is something that really bothers me about all Dan Brown novels. It occurs frequently in his books and follows this simple approach:

1. Have things proceeding as normal.
2. Mention a surprising and/or potentially devastating piece of information without telling what that piece of information is.
3. Have the character react to the information by saying something dramatic like, “This could ruin everything!” or even a “This is the end of the world!”
4. Write an entire chapter with a different character/situation.
5. Now that you’ve built up a sufficiently annoying level of suspense, reveal the information, which is far less devastating that you had first indicated.
[Note: when revealing the information take as long as possible, explaining slowly and in great detail.]

6 thoughts on “Dayton Update

  1. I loooooove P&P!! First movie — ever, including the HP and LoTR movies — where I have sat down and watched every single extra, plus the movie twice in 24 hours. I got the DVD the day it came out, too. 🙂

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