Dating, Dexter, and Dorkiness

Yeah, yeah–I realize it’s been a month since last I wrote. My bad.

Things with Mr. W are continuing to go really well, despite my roommates’ wishes to the contrary. Paige told me that even though she wasn’t the biggest Mr. W fan, she is proud of me for “sticking to my guns”, so to speak. The old Teri would have caved under the pressure I’m getting a long time ago, and she thinks it says something that I am still dating him. I think it’s simply that I finally came to the realization that this is my life, and my happiness will no longer be determined by others but by myself. If someone can’t handle it…well, then that’s their problem, now isn’t it?

All in all, 2010 looks to be a fantastic year. I will be finished with grad school in June/July which is right about the same time I will be out of debt (with the exception of the student loans, damn them).

Paige and I have been watching Dexter, which I had never before seen. We are two episodes shy of completing season one, and I am enjoying it very much. I am also enjoying the fact that I knew who the Ice Truck Killer was also immediately after meeting him, thus proving that my brain’s suspicious paranoia is useful still.

I have started a new project which pretty much confirms my dorkiness for all time. I’ve started a Microsoft Access database for my books–what I own, what I’ve read, and what I want to read. I call it the Bookbase. I figure it will be helpful in keeping me from buying duplicate copies of books (which has happened before and annoys the snot out of me) and keeps a running wishlist in case someone wants to surprise me with a little something-something (and this is only the tiniest bit of a hint–a baby hintlet, if you will).

Also, T-minus twelve days ’til The Cranberries concert!  I am so flipping excited.  What do you think the odds are of my getting backstage to get their autographs?  Or my picture with them?  I’ve looked for backstage passes but haven’t seen any.  Perhaps if I sneak back there or something… This may be the first concert I’ll be kicked out of.

5 thoughts on “Dating, Dexter, and Dorkiness

    • I actually have a GoodReads account. I am not sure why I felt like it was not enough.

      Well, now you are just making me rethink everything…

  1. I like LibraryThing myself, but same basic concept. The major advantage to me with having it online is the ability to check what I have in the middle of a bookstore on my phone – very handy.

    Also, I think I'm even more of a geek, because LT lets you order a CueCat for 15 bucks and then scan your books in. I have about a thousand books now and am still working on getting them all in, but still this is awesome and a big help!

    • It's a shame you didn't keep the bazillion cuecats that were floating around 10 years ago.

      I think I still have one or six of them in a box somewhere…

  2. Did someone just use the term CueCat? I didn't even know they still made/sold those things. Radioshack was doing that almost 8 or so years ago when they ended it. Wow, I haven't seen that in so long I lost track of what I was saying. Although if you own a CueCat, and use it, you definitely win some awards for book geekiness.

    And, as I pointed out the day you put it together, the real joy you got was doing something constructive with access. Having an account with a website is not nearly as awesome as constructing the backbone for what could be your own later on.

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