Cursed Numbers and Extra Special Pens

Today’s Stupid Question Winner:
I called a branch to find out what advisor a rep number belonged to.  (We call when a trade comes to us with a number that isn’t in our system.)  I give the lady the number and she responded, “Oh, I don’t know that one.  Is it new?”

Lady, how the hell would I know that?  Is it new? I replied, “It’s new to me.”

I am actually starting to think that this particular number is cursed, and I shall never learn the advisor’s name.  The first time I called this branch, it rang and rang without an answer.  The next day I called again and, while talking with the woman, her computer crashed.  I agreed to hold while she rebooted.  She came back on the line five minutes later saying the computer still wasn’t operational and to call back the next day.  I called back the next day, being today, and got the stupid question.  Another woman is filling in today and doesn’t know who that number belongs to.  She told me to try back on Monday.

Perhaps on Monday when I call the entire office will spontaneously combust.  Or perhaps I will continue to call, day after day, mishap after mishap, until the advisor in question dies and renders the code completely useless.

Only time will tell.

In less cursed news, I ordered some yellow pads and Extra Special Pens so that I can hand write my stories.  I’ve decided that attempting to write a first draft electronically sucks any and all creative energy right out of you.  I stare at the blank Microsoft Word (or OpenOffice, if I’m using the laptop) screen and watch the cursor taunt me with its monotonous existence.

After awhile of this, I then suddenly decide that it is vitally important for me to see what is happening on Facebook RIGHT THIS MINUTE.  I get distracted by pictures of cute babies or furry animals, which leads to more pictures and eventually YouTube videos.  Once I start watching YouTube videos of cute animals I can’t stop.  I’ll watch for hours.  When I do finally tire of watching YouTube videos (or have watched them all–whichever comes first), I will close the browser.  I will close Word/OpenOffice.  I will play Plants vs. Zombies.

Contrary to what others may have told you, this behavior is not conducive to writing.

But now I have paper and Extra Special Pens!  I can distance myself from all things electronic and let the inspiration flow through me.  Assuming there is inspiration.

At the very least I could make a grocery list.

What do you think?