So a guy who works in my building likes me.  I’ve only ever said the occasional “hello” or “thank you” to him, so his interest must stem from a physical attraction.  Something that is pretty unbelievable to me.  Of course, this is all through a 3rd party, and therefore might not be the most reliable of intel.  A woman with a penchant for gossip has been my informant.  A couple months ago she told me that he thought I was pretty, and, more recently, informed me that he “really wants to date me”.I don’t know why I’m blogging about this, other than that I find my reaction humorous.  If a guy said to me, “I’m attracted to how smart/funny/amazing-at-Guitar-Hero you are.”  I’d think, “Okay, cool.  I am all those things, and you’ve earned points for noticing.”  But if he said, “I’m attracted to how you look.”  I’d think, “Okay, what’s wrong with you?”

I’m not being all “shower me with positive attention” here.  [So don’t.]  I’m just stating that I have always had a very low opinion of my appearance.  Whenever I am confronted with an opposing opinion I am genuinely taken aback.

5 thoughts on “Crush?

  1. But I…
    But you…
    no positive attention? That's depressing. I was going to shower/lavish/pepper/assault you with so much positive attention you'd have been all "What's up with you, yo?". Well, now I have to go find better things to do with my time.
    Maybe I'll go play NationStates.
    (By the by, congrats, I think, on your crush-er).

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