Crazy Realtors

My cell phone rang today and I didn’t recognize the number.  My standard operating procedure in this situation is to not answer.  Moments later, my voice mail beeped.

Voicemail: “Teri?  This is Jeff with [Realty Company].  I was calling to see if you were still interested in that apartment.  Give me a call.”

I called him back and I swear the following is the phone conversation we had:

Jeff:  “Hello?”
Me: “Hi, this is Teri.  I’m sorry, I just missed your phone call.”
Jeff: “Teri, hi!  I met you in a bar the other night.”
Me: “What?”
Jeff: “Don’t you remember, or were you too drunk?  You were pretty drunk.”
Me: “No, I don’t remember.”
(I’m thinking, Well, this is going to be embarrassing.  The guy has me confused with someone else.)
Jeff: “Yeah, I have all these pictures on my cell phone of you swinging your shirt around your head.  You have to remember that.”
Me: “No, can’t say that I do.”
Jeff: [laughs] “Teri, I’m just kidding.”
Me: “That’s good.  I was really starting to wonder who exactly you thought I was.”
Jeff: “I was just calling to see if you were still interested in that apartment we talked about.”
Me: “I recently signed on another place.  Thanks for calling me back though.”
Jeff: “No problem.  If you ever need to move again just keep us in mind.  And I’ll keep those pictures on file just in case.”
Me: “Okay, you do that.”

Nice guy.  Weird phone call.

One thought on “Crazy Realtors

  1. LMAO

    I wonder what he says when he’s really trying to pick someone up.

    “Hey (insert random hottie)! Do you remember me? I tried to rent you an apartment last week. … What? … You don’t remember? …” Etc.


    Teri, oh Teri…

    Why does all the fun, exciting, hilarious stuff… happen to YOU?

    I will never tire of your LJ posts.

  2. What the Hell? I guess some random realtor though there was some imaginary connection between the two of you whenever he showed you whatever random apartment. Enough of a connection that he could be totally unprofessional and familiar yet you would still rent an apartment from him. This guy is going to get fired very soon.

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