Cord Confusion

No writing prompt for you people today because, I AM NOT IN THE MOOD.  That’s in all-caps so you will know that I really mean it.  I am not yelling at you.  It’s not your fault.  Whatever little leprechaun or similarly fantastical creature that lives in my brain and feeds me story ideas has gone on a brief vacation.  You are stuck with just me today.

This is not to say that I haven’t been busy.  I created a “writing community” circle on Google+ and am working on connecting with other writers.  Perhaps they can commiserate as their idea leprechauns are vacationing with mine.  Or, you know, something blah blah community something or other.

I have also commenced a full-out manhunt for freelance writing jobs.  Just stuff I can do in my spare time or on the weekends, but will get me one step closer to being able to say that I support myself with my writing.  I mean, I could make the statement now, but it would be a lie.  Someday it would be nice for it to be truthful.

In more retail news, last night Mr. W and I went to Staples.  I absolutely and positively needed index cards to start jotting down ideas, like the one I’m writing about now.  Index cards in hand, we walked around the store, just browsing at other items because I love me some office supplies.  We got to an aisle of computer keyboards and mice, and I started looking them to see if any were better than mine at home.  And by better, I mean shiny.  I love things that are shiny.  I swear I’m like a magpie.  That might be a random reference, but I asked Google what animals liked shiny objects and that was the first answer I saw.

“Oh, shiny!” I cry out, heading over to this really quite lovely keyboard.  It’s all streamlined.  It is also, of course, shiny.  I want it.  Then I notice that it, along with every single keyboard or mouse in the whole aisle, is cordless.  What the hell is wrong with Staples?  Cordless?!

I mean, sure, cords are unsightly.  I will give you that.  Your cats will chew on them despite how much you yell or spray them with that little plastic water bottle.  They get tangled up under your desk and when you stretch out your legs your foot will catch on one and yank your mouse out of your hand.  But to have your entire stock of keyboards and mice be cordless?

“Cordless keyboards are terrible!” I exclaimed.  “Who would want this?”

Mr. W then reminded me that I’m a gamer.  Normal people (read, non-gamers) care more about aesthetics than they do functionality.  Gamers think differently about this cordless nonsense because we have learned one very fundamental truth (and usually the hard way):

Batteries never die at save points.

5 thoughts on “Cord Confusion

  1. A post is a post, and whether you like it or not you created your own writing prompt. This may not have lead to exactly what you are after, but it still accomplished some form of goal. The key is to just keep writing either way.

  2. In general I agree with you, especially when it comes to mice…but actually in practice cordless devices have come a long way and we game fairly comfortably on our main computer with only cordless devices (we can't use cords because of the way it's set up in the living room on our tv).

    But then, I don't play fps's much, which are the main haters of cordless or so I've been told.

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