Tim: “We’re both hard to get to know, but for very different reasons.”

Teri: “So why are you hard to get to know?”
Tim: [Gives a several minutes-long explanation about having a full-life and not having time for more people, etc, etc.] Teri: “Okay, and why am I hard to get to know?”
Tim: “Because you’re emotionally scarred and don’t let people in.”
Teri: “Ah.  That was… concise.”

There is a comic book store that Tim, Paige, and I visit on occasion.  I don’t know if the guy that we always see working there is showing interest in me or what, but whenever we leave Tim says I should date him.
Tim: “He’s cute.  And I bet he has a hard time finding girls with his job.”  [He says while nudging my arm suggestively.] Teri: “I finally identified that wistful, longing part of me that wanted a relationship–it was Hope–and I killed it.  So I’m good, but thanks.”

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