Paige and I were having a discussion in the vein of my obliviousness:

Me: “Unless a guy actually says ‘hey, this is a date’ I won’t realize it. Dinner and a movie with a guy is no big deal to me. When Reid lived with me we’d go out for stuff like that. Most of the time he’d pay. And those weren’t dates.”
Paige: “Wouldn’t that be hilarious if you had been dating Reid for months and didn’t even know it? And that’s the real reason he moved away–he was hurt because you wouldn’t ever acknowledge the relationship.”

Me: “That totally sounds like something I would do.”

I am in love with the song “Element” by Moses Mayfield. One of the saddest songs I’ve ever heard. Have a listen.


Favorite part:
i’ve been screaming my lungs out
cause i’m wishing you were here with me now
i’m impatient, i apologize
but i’m human and i’m selfish
got the feeling i should deal with this
but i’m hiding and no one knows

What do you think?