Okay, so who wants to go to a Coldplay concert with me? There’re two to choose from — March 30 or March 31 — here in Chicago. I want to go. I believe tickets start around $42.00.

I don’t have much of anything to say, but am bored and feel like posting. Ergo, I will ramble.

People intrigue me. There’s a security guard who calls me “Cherry Teri” for reasons unbeknownst to me. On his breaks he comes behind the front desk and watches people play chess on Yahoo. Never plays, mind you–just watches. I find it odd.

Example 2: Every night, as I walk down the main lobby hallway on my way to the bathroom, I see an elderly woman sitting in the business center (glorified term for a smallish alcove with some computers and chairs). She sits in the same chair every night and sleeps. I assume her to be homeless because I’ve been seeing her for the past couple months. It doesn’t bother me, but I wonder why Security has never done anything about it. Sometimes I’ll get a homeless guy trying to exchange their coins for dollars bills and Security always kicks them out. I’ll just say that the woman is a ghost, and then I can have finally had an experience.

9 thoughts on “Coldplay

  1. I'd go…
    I'd go, but I have Chronomentrophobia, a fear of "Clocks."
    And yes, you would be correct. I happened up your site through a long series of links from other sites I frequent. My humble blog can be found at <a href="” target=”_blank”>
    And could you please go empty that dining room trash. It's beginning to overflow.

  2. Teri, I love your posts. As a person who likes watching people play video games, I can kinda see where the chess guy is coming from but I wouldn't be able to watch chess … so boring. Actually, strike that, I have watched some people play chess before but it was real chess and not computer chess. I'm sure it's exciting if you know what the hell is going on – like how some people would be confused that I can watch hours of Celebrity Poker.
    I think I would know a peg-leg by the way the guy walked. The step-thump, step-thump rhythm. Or, that lady was crazy.
    Maybe the business office lady is living in your hotel and can't get to sleep without the soothing hum of computers. If I was security, I might ask her to leave though because other patrons might feel weird about using an office room while somebody else is sleeping in there. Be thankful that you don't have the masturbation problem some of my campus computer labs enjoyed. Ewww.
    Let's hope the guy isn't calling you "Cherry Teri" for the standard, crass, sexual reason.

    • Some people just like rhyming names. My pediatrician called me "Hairy Mary" and my sister "Smelly Kelly." I don't think he ever came up with something for Ashley though I sometimes call her "Ash Mash."

    • Yeah, I figure "Cherry Teri" can have three possible causes: 1. He likes rhyming names, as you do, 2. It is crass and sexual, 3. He thinks I'm a shiny new car.

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