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I am waiting for a couple pictures of the work Christmas party from a friend and then I’ll put them all on here.  But here’s a brief rundown:

Food was eaten.
Dancing was done.
Again, money unwon.

Oh well.

I’m worried I’m becoming more cynical.  I used to love sitting down with a good chick flick, but the last few I’ve watched seemed cheesy and made me roll my eyes.  So either I’m more cynical, or I’m watching bad romantic comedies.  I should conduct further testing.  But first, one question–how did Failure to Launch get such a good rating on Netflix?  I was deceived by the 4.5 stars.  I gave it two, but only because I was feeling generous.

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  1. I heard some bad things about Failure to Launch and I hate SJP outside of SATC but my parents liked it … but now with your assessment, I might not see it after all.
    I don't think you're necessarily more cynical. Most movies have been crappy as of late. I still want to see "The Holiday" though.

    • SJP actually wasn't all that bad in it. But the movie overall was just plain cheesy. Matt Mcwhatsit's character kept getting attacked by woodland creatures. And the end… ::eye roll::

  2. I totally agree, hated FtL especially with the horribly stupid and predictable animal thing and the ending…bleh. I also took offense at the "typical star wars geek" they made fun of — hell, most of my friends are that into SW and none of them live with parents or are socially stunted like that. So stupid. The only thing I liked was SJP's roommate, who made me laugh and was a much better character that I actually cared about, pretty much the only one in the movie.
    Aside from all that (boy what a rant, sheesh), I think romantic comedies have gone downhill lately. Where are the good ones like Ever After, While You Were Sleeping, When Harry Met Sally and such? They just use gimmicks nowadays instead of being original. I kinda want to write one, just to show them how it's done, lol.

  3. Matthew McConaughey tends to ruin most movies for me.. some I can tolerate him in but I agree this one was not very good. btw we should be friends on Netflix Teroo .. hehe Teri 🙂

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