Classic Teri

Delilah was on the radio at work while I was talking with a manager.

Woman on Radio: “I want to dedicate this song to my husband… he really is the best husband in the world.”
(And then she begins to rattle off all these things he’s been doing lately.)

Manager: [laughs] “But he’s probably cheating on her.”
Me: “The ‘best husbands in the world’ are really just regular guys who haven’t been caught yet.”

8 thoughts on “Classic Teri

  1. I think our married friends with their awesome husbands might have some beef with that statement. I mean, can you find better husband's than Amber's and Warren's? The other husband I know (Buda) is also awesome. It makes me happy to know that they're out there.

    • I just like making cynical blanket statements. All Italians are in the mafia. All machinery hates me. People are stupid.
      To be honest, I can only hope that if I were to ever marry, he'd be like the husbands of my friends.

    • Yes, but the question is, is anyone really calling you the best husband in the world? 😛
      I think the best husband in the world would never fart and always remember to take out the trash. Oh wait, that's on my "Perfect Husband" list…if we're limited to what actually exists in the world, then mine qualifies. 🙂

  2. I don't think you're too much of a cynic unless you believe what you said.
    And by the way, I love the picture with George Michael in the banana suit!! Classic.

    • I don't fully believe it. But kinda.
      It's weird, because growing up I was very sheltered. Only one of my friends had parents who had divorced. Husbands didn't cheat. Then I went to a Christian college which called for higher moral standards and "the guys there wouldn't ever cheat". My friends got married to great guys who wouldn't cheat.
      And then I go out onto my own and it's cheating this and cheating that. By men and women. And I'm thinking, "whoa whoa, what the heck is happening here?"
      I'm still trying to find a balance to both of these worlds and I've always been a bit of a cynic. Holly and I used to joke that I was a Pessimistic Idealist. I believe the best of things could happen, but never actually will.

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