I feel like I should clarify my position concerning that last post. So, following, is my statement for why I engaged in the conversation and the reasoning behind what I said.

I am, by no means, advocating certain rock or metal bands or songs, because I believe there are songs out there with definitive anti-God messages. The point that I was trying to make was that I don’t believe that music, by itself, can be dubbed as “godly” or “satanic”. You can’t take a piano concerto and a electric guitar solo and say, “One pleases God and one is a tool of the Devil.” God created music. All music can be used to glorify God. All music can be used to promote the ideology of Satan.

But to declare ALL rock and metal music as satanic based on this capacity for evil is illogical. Everything on earth, including humans, has a capacity equal or greater to this music for evil. When you start drawing a line like that, where does it stop?

This person’s demeanor was more troubling to me than the content of their message. That they would denounce someone as a satanist, having no knowledge of the person other than that they don’t think all rock music is satanic, is incredibly narrow-minded and utterly ludicrous. These are the sort of Christians that make me want to distance myself from Christianity. These are the people creating a bad name for their fellow Christians, making deaf ears that much deafer, and making Christians as a whole look that much more idiotic.

2 thoughts on “Clarification

    • There is a lot more that we could get into here, but some quick examples are as follows:
      Marilyn Manson – AntiChrist Superstar
      – The Reflecting God
      Paradise Lost – Our Saviors
      God Dethroned
      Rotting Christ

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