Christians: The Downfall of Christianity

I hate it when people use God to justify their own hate, fears and prejudices. Why do we let Christians get away with this? What in Jesus’ attitude told us holding signs saying, “Turn or burn” at gay parades was okay? Where do we get off bombing abortion clinics and killing abortion doctors? Why do we think it’s better to ignore someone we believe to be sinning than to befriend them and try to bring them to Christ through loving example?

It seems like my Christian friends and I are the only ones who have a clear understanding of what Jesus meant when He said to “love your neighbor as yourself,” or “hate the sin, love the sinner.” I don’t understand how Christianity has slipped this far.

I think Satan does more damage to Christianity through Christians than by any other means. One “Christian” tells a homosexual that they are going to hell and God hates him and then he thinks [if he doesn’t have any good Christians in his life] that all Christians belive this and he turns away from the church instead of seeking it out for help. And where is the church in all this exactly? The church does nothing.

When are we going to stand up and shut up these idiots? Why do we let them bomb, insult and injure? We let them continue with their bullying instead of saying, “Hey, this isn’t right. What they are saying is wrong.” It’s time we stopped tip-toeing around these people and confronted them.

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  1. enraged? that's o.k. sometimes, but don't go overboard ๐Ÿ™‚ ani difranco's revelling cd is one of my
    Hey myladyteri, i sometimes listen to ani difranco's revelling cd as well… is a new cd coming out soon?<a target="_a1" href="; rel="nofollow">The Passion of The Christ is in theaters soon – this week on Wednesday.. what do you think about this movie? I'm going to see it for sure – the <a target="_a2" href="; rel="nofollow">trailers were enough to convince me. I read somewhere that it's the widest opening ever for a subtitled movie; I have a feeling subtitles won't detract from the full effect of this movie though. After looking at the trailers which have no subtitles or english at all, it was reinforced for me that lack of spoken english in this film won't hurt one bit. To sum up my impression of The Passion: it's a work of art.
    <a target="_a3" href="; rel="nofollow">Good Website
    Another fascinating aspect to this movie is all the controversy that has been generated about it.
    Some people, not really representative of Jewish people, but rather self appointed Jewish spokespeople, such as Abraham Foxman from the Anti-Defamation League, seem to have been attempting to denounce this film for months as being anti-Semitic. The news reported that they even stole the script last year! But here's what some Jews say (Jews who don't make it their job to tear apart other people): <font size=+1><a target="_a4" href="; rel="nofollow">Protesting Gibson's Passion Lacks Moral Legitimacy</font> by Rabbi Daniel Lapin.
    Nice to see some people speaking rationally.
    So what do you think of all this?
    *** Kyle

    • Re: enraged?
      Ani's newest cd, Educated Guess, is out in stores now. It is very good. 100% Ani. She wrote it, sings it, plays all the music, and recorded and mixed it herself. She did some poetry and the artwork for it as well.
      I am very anxious to see The Passion. I think it will be very hard to watch, but very good as well. Hopefully it will get more people thinking about Christ. I am sorry that it is getting so much negativity, but I also believe there's no such thing as bad publicity, and all this controversy will make more people see it.
      And yes, "enraged" was probably a little strong wording for my emotion at the time. Thanks for reading my post and commenting. I really appreciate it.

  2. hey,
    we should talk sometime.. maybe could arrange phone call somehow via email.. would call you but I don't have your numnber.. I am glad to hear you take this stand and support you 100%. let me know if would like a call on the tele sometime. Take care my wonderiferous cousin ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. from shannon kearns
    thanks for this post, teri. it's about time that christians get over themselves and start living like Jesus taught us to. i get enraged as well by what christians try to justify. especially when it comes to homosexuality, but that's a whole long story. i just don't understand why we can't see that hate gets us nowhere and just makes us look stupid. so yeah, thanks again for this post.
    shannon kearns

  4. Teri,
    I completely agree with you. There's a book you should read (because you don't have enough to read right now ๐Ÿ˜‰ –it's called Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller. The subtitle is "Non-religious thoughts about Christian Spirituality." The book really captures what I think Christianity should be–strong belief in the Bible and love for everyone. After reading some of your recent posts and comments, I think you would enjoy that book.

  5. Teri,
    You are right on! I am so glad that you said something. I have gotten into debates at school with kids because they try to use the Bible against gays. Do these people think they are the only ones that sin? I AM A SINNER. Maybe I don't do the same sins, but I still sin, everyone does. I try to love my neighbor and to treat everyone equally. It is not my place to judge someone.

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